Electronic Timekeeping Instructions

Electronic Portal and Webclock

  • 1. Employee Self Service Portal
  • 2. Always fits XXXX1111 where
    XXXX = First 4 letters of last name and
    1111 = Last 4 digits of SSN
  • 3. Password is set to a default but must be changed at first login.
  • 4. Choose your new password. Click “Reset”.
  • 5. Click “Back To Login” so you can login with your new password.
  • 6. You can do a “Quick” Clock In/Out by pressing the “Web Clock” .
  • 7. You will be able to choose Clock In or Clock Out here instead of logging fully into the portal.
  • 8. If you fully login to the portal, the Web Clock is on the dashboard.

Mobile App

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play and the Apple iTunes Stores by searching TimeWorksPlus Employee Mobile. Note, some features shown in these instructions may not apply to your employer's account.
  • To login to the app, use the same credentials used to access your timekeeping employee portal.
  • If you have yet to reset your initial password, the mobile app will prompt you to change your password.
  • The mobile app contains the following features:
  • Mobile time clock, time card view, the ability to approve the time card, and add time card notes.