Frequently Asked Questions


Follow these tips to get the most out of your safe and convenient Money Network Paycard.

  • Q: A participant has a question about the amount of pay that was received.  How can they view their pay stub?
    A: Details regarding the pay for each individual participant can be obtained at Payroll Portal. Each participant can establish a logon ID and password before their first visit to the website here. Other questions can be directed to UniqueHR at
  • Q: Our worksites are running low on blank timesheets.  Who do I contact?
    A: Please click the "Time Sheets" link, the manual timesheet is available for download.
  • Q: We have new participants who were not a part of the initial hiring/orientation meetings. How do we get their New Hire Packets completed?
    A:Please click the "Home Page" link to view the new hire paperwork options. If you have a group of new participants entering the program, please email for assistance.

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